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Finalizing Your Retirement Process
& Navigating the GRB Platform

Webinar Recording

When you are ready to retire from federal service, the final step is completing your retirement application.

The GRB Platform allows employees to digitally complete their retirement paperwork. This system can be confusing. In addition, completing your retirement application requires you to make irreversible decisions about your benefits.

In this webinar, we covered:​​​​

  • Starting the retirement process
  • Completing retirement paperwork
  • Using the GRB Platform to run your numbers
  • Electing your retirement options
  • Determining your creditable years of service
  • Military buyback
  • Planning your retirement timeline for paychecks
  • The best day of the year to retire

We explored retirement options, the retirement process and paperwork, and the GRB Platform.

Watch this recording to see a deep dive into the GRB Platform and what to do when you’re ready to finalize your retirement!

Learn how to finalize your retirement.

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