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At United Benefits we start by researching your employee retirement system. Often an employee’s retirement package is a complex multi-tier system that can include: 401k, TSP, Pension, Social Security, Health Insurance, Medicare, and Survivor Benefits. We understand many employees are not informed about their retirement and make decisions that are irrevocable and can cost thousands. Therefore, United Benefits has trained retirement specialists on staff to help you understand your retirement options. We offer one-on-one retirement assistance and classes to members.


    • Assisting with Retirement Paperwork
    • Helping Set Retirement Goals
    • Understanding Options Before and After Retirement
    • Creating a Budget
    • TSP and 401(k) Strategies
    • IRA Options to Fit Your Goals
    • What happens to your employee group life insurance (FEGLI)
    • Survivor Annuity Options
    • Pension Max
    • Calculating your Pension
    • Social Security Strategy
    • Calculating Retirement Date

United Benefits

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