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Short-Term Disability Insurance

A range of health insurance policies are available to support people in need. Short-term disability insurance is a designed to help protect your paycheck. This policy provides temporary income protection for people who are unable to work. If you get injured or become sick, it’s important to protect your income.

According to a 2020 survey by Life Happens, 63% of Americans would experience financial hardship after six months of no income. Some people would be affected much quicker – 14% would be impacted immediately.

Let’s answer all the questions you have about short-term disability insurance.

What is short-term disability insurance?

Short-term disability insurance is designed to protect people who can’t work in the case of sickness or injury. Depending on the plan, this insurance will provide a percentage of an employee’s salary for a specified amount of time. Short-term disability insurance applies when the person is unable to perform their regular duties. In most situations, it accounts for 40-65% of the employee’s weekly gross income.

Who needs short-term disability insurance?

All employees can benefit from short-term disability insurance. United Benefits offers coverage that is designed specifically for federal employees and their families. This insurance coverage is designed to protect you financially in the event of a short-term disability. It’s a back-up plan for your paycheck.

What is covered in short-term disability insurance?

Short-term disability insurance is designed to cover a wide range of events. While the disability in question needs to be temporary in nature, it may include life situations as diverse as pregnancy, accidental injuries, and illnesses. Depending on the policy, it could also include mental health issues; leave for mental health reasons; and recovery from surgeries, injuries, or accidents. This coverage is available for a period of weeks to months, with the exact amount of money available stipulated in each policy.

Why should I get short-term disability insurance?

This form of insurance provides a valuable supplemental form of income during a stressful time. Short-term disability coverage helps employees and their families to focus on the recovery process instead of worrying about their finances. The ability to provide an income is an incredibly valuable asset that deserves protection.


If you want to protect your paycheck with short-term disability insurance, a United Benefits Specialist can help you explore your options.

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