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Healthcare After Retirement – FEHB & Medicare:
The Fourth Piece of the Retirement Puzzle

Webinar Recording

Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) and Medicare work together to form a crucial piece of your retirement benefits puzzle.

You will want to use both systems to create an efficient health care plan for your specific health care needs. But how do you maximize healthcare coverage?

That’s what we cover in the fourth webinar in our Retirement Benefits Puzzle series. United Benefits Specialists Susan Potter, Nicole Sherwood and Paul Thornton answer a variety of questions, including:

  • What health insurance options do I have after I retire?
  • How does FEHB work during retirement?
  • What decisions do I need to make regarding Medicare when I retire?
  • I get Medicare Part A automatically. What do I need to do to get Medicare Part B?
  • How can I use Medicare Advantage to maximize my healthcare benefits?

Check out the recording for a deep dive into your post-retirement healthcare strategy!

Learn how to maximize
your healthcare coverage benefits.

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