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Advantages of TSP


Jeremy: So, Matt, tell us a little bit about the advantages to the Thrift Savings Plan.

Matt: Well, as far as accumulation vehicle, the Thrift Savings Plan, Jeremy, is one of the best places I’ve seen to accumulate wealth, if you’ll take advantage of what’s there.

You have different things, like you have tax deferred, where you get to defer the growth, defer the gains. You have automatic payroll deduction. You have pretty good fund choices, actually, inside of it. You also have a traditional, you have a Roth. And when you look at the expenses or the fees, if you tried to go to a local financial planner to put together a plan, it’s not even a comparison. The expenses and the fees are minimal. We’ll touch on those later.

And if you’re a FERS employee, the best advantage is to take advantage of the matching that the agency does on the TSP, that we’ll talk about in a minute.

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