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Protecting the Now

At United Benefits we start by carefully researching your groups overall employee benefit package. After identifying any gaps or weaknesses, we negotiate with insurance carriers to create a fully customized plan that will enhance and complete the employee benefit package. Our main goal is to educate by offering one-on-one consults and educational seminars. We will be there for you from the day your hired to the day you retire to maximize your benefits.

Potential Benefits to be Offered:

Short Term Disability

We customize Disability plans to protect your greatest asset, the ability to work.

Hospital and Accident

Have you ever been faced with high out-of-pocket costs after being treated for an accident, illness, or hospital stay? Our hospital and accident plans can help with some of those costs by paying lump sum benefits directly to you.


The dental plan we offer allows you to see any dentist of your choice! It also provides coverage with no waiting period for preventative, diagnostic, and basic services.


The vision plan we offer is at a clearly affordable price. We offer a $10 annual eye exam, an allowance on frames or contacts, a discount for laser services, and much more.

Cancer and Critical Illness

Although major medical can help with the overall cost for cancer, heart attack, or stroke, you can still be faced with high deductibles and co-pays. We offer different plans to offset your out-of-pocket costs by paying benefits directly to you.

Life Insurance

Life can change in a heartbeat and there is a good chance someone relies on you or you rely on someone else. No matter your stage in life, we offer special rates and underwriting guidelines negotiated for you and your family.

Legal and Identity Protection

Legal advice and identity theft protection is two of the most important topics in our society today. You can get both for the price of one with our Legal Shield plan.

And Many More...