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The Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program offers eligible federal employees a broad selection of health plans to choose from.  In fact, FEHB actually offers the widest selection of health plans in the country. These health insurance policies typically cover portions of procedures and medical expenses, including prescriptions, and they typically have a deductible and a co-pay.

However, even with health insurance, an overnight stay at a medical facility can cost up to $1,000 just to satisfy copays and deductibles, not to mention any surprise medical bills that could come later. Extended hospital stays can create the most out of pocket costs to the insured and regardless of what type of health insurance plan you have, it will not cover everything at zero cost to you.

Hospital indemnity plans can help cover those out of pocket costs associated with hospital stays due to sickness, accident or maternity. A hospital indemnity plan is not health insurance, but it makes health insurance better.

How Does the Hospital Indemnity Plan Work?

*Tax free benefit paid directly to you

*Guaranteed to issue and to renew until age 65

*Pre-existing conditions covered after one year

*Inpatient hospital confinement pays up to $5,000 over 6 days

*ICU benefit pays $500 per day, limited to 20 days per confinement

*Private duty nurse benefit pays $250 per day, limited to 30 days per confinement

*Surgeries that require hospital confinement up to 5 days will pay $1,000 per day

*Anesthesia benefit pays $200 per day for inpatient surgery

*Emergency accident pays $250 per accident, limited to 4 injuries per year per insured

*Routine annual exams are covered at $200 per calendar year

*Outpatient sickness pays $25 per sickness, limited to 4 per year


As you can see, these plans pay tremendous benefits to the insured if they were to require hospitalization.  We at United Benefits have hospital indemnity plans that have helped our clients avoid expensive medical debt that is becoming all too uncommon.  To enroll for this coverage, click here below to get started today.


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