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Eligible new employees are automatically enrolled in FEGLI Basic unless they waive the coverage. You may have enrolled in FEGLI Option C for your family coverage. Like all the other options, you must have basic enrollment in order to be eligible for this plan.

FEGLI Option C is family coverage that allows you to insure your spouse and children through FEGLI.

It’s important to know that, while you won’t be notified about this, your children will automatically drop off of your plan once they turn 22. The only exception to this is if they have special needs– then you can maintain coverage for them. Otherwise, they’ll become ineligible to be covered by your FEGLI Option C.

At maximum, you can insure your spouse up to $25,000, and you can insure your children up to $12,500.

The bi-weekly cost of your coverage is determined by your age (not your spouse’s), and does not change based on how many family members you’re covering. Keep in mind, however, that the cost for this plan does increase every five years.

FEGLI Coverage: Option C

Additionally, before you retire, you must choose a reduction plan for your life insurance. Unless you choose otherwise, your FEGLI Option C will reduce 100% by default. After you turn 65 or retire (whichever comes later), its cost will drop to zero…but eventually, so will your family’s coverage.

You can choose to keep full coverage and continue paying for it, but the cost will grow.



Let’s say you’ve decided to insure your spouse for $25,000 and your dependents for $12,5000. At age fifty, Option C will have a bi-weekly cost of less than $5 – but by the time you reach age 65, that cost will more than triple.

Option C: Cost

Even so, $25,000 is not a lot of coverage for a spouse. How can you supplement that? And what if you want to cover your children – and even your grandchildren – regardless of their age?

You need to find a supplemental partner who knows how FEGLI works– and who can offer life insurance plans that will be beneficial to both you and your loved ones.


Is your family receiving the coverage they need through FEGLI?

United Benefits has specifically-designed programs for federal employees, which are available to do just that. You can lock in a fixed plan that covers your family – including your children and grandchildren regardless of their age – and keep the same price and coverage for life.

We’ve assisted thousands of federal employees on several impactful topics. We can help you, too. Ask us anything!

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