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If you missed the FEHB open season, there’s no need to worry. You still have options to adjust your healthcare coverage. You can adjust your coverage through FEHB if you have a qualifying life event or you can add additional supplemental insurance plans to close coverage gaps.

Qualifying Life Events (QLEs)

If you’re a federal employee who missed the FEHB open season, there are still opportunities to enroll in or change your healthcare coverage in response to qualifying life events (QLEs). These events include changes in family status (like marriage or birth), employment status (such as reemployment after a break), and loss of other health coverage. For more information, see OPM’s website.

QLEs Don’t Apply to Me

If you don’t have a qualifying life event, don’t worry – it’s not too late to secure supplemental insurance for dental, vision, and hearing care. United Benefits offers comprehensive plans specifically designed to meet the needs of federal employees like you.

Dental, Vision, & Hearing

Dental, hearing, and vision coverage are essential components of a comprehensive healthcare plan.

Dental insurance typically covers a range of services from routine cleanings and check-ups to more complex procedures like root canals and orthodontics, helping reduce out-of-pocket costs for dental care. Dental insurance helps maintain oral health, which is vital for overall well-being and can prevent more serious health issues.

Hearing coverage often includes benefits for hearing tests, hearing aids, and sometimes even repairs and batteries for hearing devices. Hearing coverage is important as hearing loss can significantly impact quality of life and communication.

Vision insurance usually covers eye exams, prescription glasses, and contact lenses, and it may offer discounts on vision correction surgery. Vision insurance is essential for eye health, aiding in the early detection of eye-related diseases and ensuring proper vision, which is critical for daily activities and overall quality of life.

Closing All Coverage Gaps

In addition to these, United Benefits also offers a range of other supplemental plans, including:

  • Short-Term Disability Insurance: Coverage for temporary disability due to illness or injury.
  • Accident Insurance: Financial protection in case of accidental injuries.
  • Hospital Indemnity Insurance: Coverage for hospital stays and related expenses.
  • Cancer Care Insurance: Specialized coverage for cancer treatment and related care in addition to other dread diseases.
  • Critical Illness Insurance: Financial support in the event of serious illnesses like heart attack, stroke, or organ transplants.

Our plans are tailored to complement your existing health insurance, filling in the gaps where needed. Whether it’s regular dental checkups, vision exams, or hearing services, our supplemental insurance options have you covered.

There’s Still Time to Enroll

While the open season for FEHB may have passed, United Benefits provides an opportunity to enroll in quality dental, vision, and hearing coverage at any time of the year. Contact a United Benefits Specialist for a free one-on-one benefits review to ensure that you choose the best plan for your needs. Our experts will help you identify any coverage gaps and recommend the best options for you and your family.

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